5-2 fast diet

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My 5:2 fast diet class is progressing nicely.  I have a regular group of people who arrive each week to be weighed.  They chart their progress and add a shiny star when they lose weight; which so far has been nearly every week for everybody.

This is followed by a discussion on a healthy eating topic, such as the importance of calcium in our diets, especially for teenage girls, the role vitamin D pays in our diets and what foods can lift your mood and make you feel happier.

We then move on to a tasting session when I cook a healthy low calorie meal that I have created and calorie counted.  It is based around plenty of low GI ingredients, with some protein and fat and lots of flavourings from herbs and spices. The group have tried and enjoyed such delights as beetroot, horseradish and parsnip soup, mackerel and linseed salad and miso soup

The new recipes are added to my e-cookery book, which is updated and circulated monthly

Extract from my 5-2-meal planner

Evidence is growing that this type of eating can have long term benefits for health and wellbeing.  On the NHS website last month it said the British Dietetic Association (BDA) reviewed a 2011 study by researchers at the UK’s University Hospital of South Manchester that suggested intermittent fasting could help lower the risk of certain obesity-related cancers such as breast cancer.

So why not join me and see how I can help you lose weight, gain healthy eating tips and try new tasty recipes.  There is no joining fee, its just £6 a session

If you can’t make a Thursday at 2pm, contact me anyway and if I have enough interest I will run them at other dates, times and locations.  Click here for a 5:2 update

what have you got to lose?

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