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susan hartAbout Me

Susan Hart, MFHT, MFNT

My interest in nutrition began when as a chef in 2000 I was asked to cater for special diets and clients with health issues.  This set a chain of events in motion that culminated in my current role as nutrition coach.   I have  delivered healthy eating courses throughout the East Midlands and have a large number of private clients. My a 5* rated kitchen is where I also deliver vegan and vegetarian cookery classes

Having worked with a number of colleges including New College Nottingham and Broxtowe College, delivering healthy eating cookery courses, I am well placed to support you, your family or your organisation to make healthy eating choices.

THSA-Badge-Sports-and-Exercise-Nutrition_HDI recently qualified as a sports and exercise nutritional advisor, and can now devise healthy eating programmes for those who want to get the most out of their exercise and sport routines.

If just one of up to 50 essential nutrients is missing, vitality, energy and peak athletic performance are just not possible!
What qualifies Susan to give nutritional advice and coaching?

As a qualified chef with an *ITEC diploma in diet and nutrition, and having attended training courses in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and coaching & mentoring I am equipped to guide you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Owning my own catering business makes me uniquely placed to offer nutritional advice backed by sound knowledge of food combinations and experience of special dietary requirements

*ITEC – International Therapy Examination Council
Professional membership

I’m a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT), the largest and leading professional association for therapists in the UK and Ireland.

As a member of FHT I’m expected to abide by the FHT’s Code of Ethics of Professional Practice that enables members to have a common guide to excellence in professional conduct and practice, and to meet and even exceed the expectations of clients.

I’m also a member of the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP)
Membership of the FNTP is open to practitioners of Nutritional Therapy who have trained on an FTNP accredited course or who have satisfied the FNTP that their training and practical skills meet the required standard. Full members are entitled to use the designated letters MFNTP after their names and must be fully insured to practice on the public.

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4 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Susan,
    my name is Bisharo Jama. I find your name on the healthy science academy. I’m taking class there. I saw your comments there about the sugar tax and I love it. our children consume so much sugar. I strongly agree with you 100% what you said. I’m a parent and after reading a lot about sugar I’m planning to send lunch with my kids everyday. I’m very busy mom, I’m a nursing student and I don’t have a lot of time to prepare lunch for my kids but I’m trying my best because of my kids.
    Thank you so much. I will be reading more about your blog

    • Hi Bisharo, thank you for your kind comments. Many of the foods aimed at children contain more sugar than the adult versions. So you are wise to look at food labels and buy the low/no sugar versions.

  2. I am trying to improve my diet and wonder whether ktc pure creamed coconut is in any way considered carcinogenic. I like making curries from scratch and find that adding this makes it a bit more mellow, but I am a bit perplexed if this is the same thing as coconut oil which I believe would be best to avoid. I attended several of your workshops at Maggies Centre and found them very helpful. Your advice with this would be much appreciated.

    • Hi Richard
      Thanks for getting in touch. Within moderation it is ok to use creamed coconut as part of a healthy balanced diet. I would say 1 tablespoon is an appropriate amount to flavour a curry

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