De-stress with food

The benefits of eating healthily to reduce stress 

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I advocate a healthy balanced diet to all my clients, including those going through stressful situations such as the start of the summer holidays and keeping the kids entertained .





Stress can have an impact on your diet and in turn food can impact on your stress

If you are under a lot of stress you are more susceptible to feeling unwell both emotionally and physically, one part of the solution is to eat plenty of stress busting foods and drink to boost your immune system.  Try some of these simple steps

  • Don’t skip breakfast; it can help with mood, memory and attention.  Try IMG_6160eating porridge or muesli or wholegrain cereal like bran flakes, Weetabix or shredded wheat; they help to steady blood sugar levels and stop you having an energy crash.  Brazil nuts are also great as they contain selenium – a great mineral for lifting your mood.


  • Eat a variety fruit and veg – so you get a ‘rainbow’ of colour and a boost fruit and vegof vitamin A, C & E and Zinc.  All of which play a positive role in your immune system.  Add more veggies like spinach and kale to your pasta sauce, or homemade pizza; the magnesium they contain also helps fight fatigue. Put seasonal fruit in blender with milk (or non-dairy) with some oats for a fibre and calcium rich smoothie.  Eating an Orange can orange fruitboost your levels of vitamin C; strengthening the immune system and at the same time reduce levels of stress hormones. Potassium is another mineral that can help in the battle to fight stress by reducing your blood pressure.  So make sure you regularly eat bananas and avocado 


  • During the day drink black or green tea – full of antioxidants which are great at moping up free radicals.  Black tea can lower the levels of the stress hormone cortisol after stressful situations


  • waterStay hydrated with water – often you can mistake thirst for hunger, so always have a drink first; wait about 10 minutes and then have something to eat if you are still hungry


  • Have a warm milky drink at night or some full fat yoghurt – the calcium soothes tension as well as eases anxiety and the protein has a calming effect on the body, which could lower blood pressure.


  • imagesRest and relaxation – take time for your self; read a book, have a warm bath, listen to your favourite music, get out in the garden or watch your favourite box set


  • Limit your alcohol intake.  It is a depressant not a stimulant so drink within safe limits, which is now 14 units a week for both men and women


  • De-stress with some exercise or activity  – activity exercisebrisk walking is great way to burn calories, get some fresh air and absorb some much needed vitamin D


dark chocolateAnd ending on a positive and happy note, eating a few squares of 70% dark chocolate can also make you feel happy by prompting the release of the mood-boosting hormone serotonin, a calming brain feel good chemical

Wedding stress

How food can help ease your wedding nerves


water-290206_1920We’ll soon be entering wedding season, when all your plans over the last months and maybe even years come to fruition. In the run up to the big day you will have a million and one things to organise, and that can mean you may feel stressed and anxious


One simple solution is to consume plenty of stress busting foods and drink to calm your nerves and focus your mind.

So make sure these are on your shopping list!

  • Porridge, wholegrain cereal like branflakes, Weetabix or shredded wheat, brazil nuts. The serotonin in these foods has a calming effect on the brain
  • WholegrainsWholegrain bread, pasta and rice – these complex carbs help the brain to make more serotonin. They have the added benefit of balancing blood sugar levels so you have more energy throughout the day and don’t succumb to a mid afternoon cake
  • During the day drink black or green tea – research has shown that these drinks can help you recover from stressful events more quickly.
  • Oily fish – the omega 3 fatty acids found in fish like salmon, fresh tuna or mackerel can prevent surges in the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline. So tuck in to scrambled eggs with smoked salmon before you go and visit the florist
  • Stay hydrated with water – aim for 2 litres, so always take a water bottle with you when you go shopping for ‘the dress’.
  • fruit and vegLove your veggies – vegetables like spinach and avocado contain potassium and magnesium, which can help reduce blood pressure and balance cortisol levels, leaving you nice and calm when dealing with the tricky table plans. A warm milky drink at night – the calcium has been found to soothe tension and ease anxiety. So you will be refreshed and raring to go in the morning
  • Rest and relaxation – try and find 10 or 15 minutes to chill and unwind; read a paper, listen to some music have a bath or simply do some deep breathing
  • Less alcohol – A tipple is often drunk to steady your nerves, but alcohol is a depressant, affecting your thoughts, feelings and actions, which can lead to a restless nights sleep. So save it for the speeches
  • 11701046_10207112983767058_664974267398185262_nDe-stress with some exercise – activity that increases your heart rate and makes you sweat not only increases oxygen around your body but produces a feel good chemical called endorphins. It could also lead to some weight loss which will make the dress fitting less stressful.


wedding stress articleMy stress busting tips have also been featured on  Andrea Palmer, wedding photographer blog

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Blue Monday – 18th Jan 2016

Blue Monday – 18th Jan 2016

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Monday the 18th of January is considered to be the most depressing day of the year! When the bank balance looks pretty low, the New Years resolutions are fading and the temperature is dropping.

IMG_5039If you are feeling down don’t reach for the pills, or the booze (especially if you are committed to dry January) or the last of the Christmas chocs. Instead reach for food that can lift your mood and spirits


Fruits and vegetables are an obvious choice as they contain lots of mood enhancing vitamins – go for variety and colour. 3 Brazil nuts a day contain all your selenium needs – a vital mineral that helps us to feel happy. I’d IMG_0847also add oily fish, walnuts or flaxseeds to your diet for the good omega 3 fats they all contain. This good fat has been shown to lift our mood. Peas and marmite both contain B vitamins – these have also been show to have mood boosting properties

Wholemeal carbs like pasta, bread and rice also contain



valuable amounts of serotonin that can induce a feeling of calmness


And don’t forget the great outdoors; being outside is not only goof for our heart health and reducing feelings of isolations but it’s a chance for us to gain some much needed Vitamin D – also known as the sunshine vitamin

My Meat free Monday Blog will be a recipe that has lots of mood enhancing ingredients, to make you feel more uplifted. 


But in the meantime why not counter that sad feeling by incorporating some of the above ingredients in to your diet this weekend and here’s how

  • add some fresh or dried fruit to your wholegrain cereal (weetabix, porridge, all bran, shredded wheat etc)
  • IMG_2482make a smoothie using milk (or non dairy like coconut milk) and add some kale, carrots, avocado, banana, ginger
  • for lunch have scrambled egg with some smoked salmon on wholemeal toast or Ryvitas
  • for an afternoon snack munch on some walnuts or brazil nuts for great omega 3s and serotonin
  • and for your evening meal try a mixed veg stirfy with buckwheat noodles (not forgetting to add some protein and vitamin B rich peas!)

Have you got any ideas for lifting your mood and avoiding Blue Monday?