How to set a healthy eating goal and achieve it

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If you want to lose weight then setting a healthy eating goal is a good place to start

Keep things as simple as possible. It has the added benefit of allowing you to focus your Goal-Setting1energies on a small number of goals, making you far more effective with them.

One small step at a time.
 Focus on one small goal at a time. This could be eating a healthy breakfast, being sure to get 5 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, or cutting back the number of times you eat fast foods to once a week or replacing white bread for wholemeal

Set up a realistic time frame for meeting your goals. 
The self-confidence you get from accomplishing a small goal helps keep you on your path for achieving your big goal. For imagesinstance setting a goal stating you want to lose 3 stone is very ambitious.  But setting a series of small goals of losing 1 lb every week for 4 weeks is more manageable

Write down your goals and why you want to achieve them and then stick them where you will constantly see them. This provides you with clear direction and also the motivation to keep at it.

 Involve your family and friends. 
They can provide support and encouragement.images

When you’re ready, set a new healthy eating goal. 
As your small changes add up, you’ll see that you’ve made significant changes to your eating habits without too much fuss or interruption to your life.

Record the healthy things you do.
 Write it down in a notebook or food diary to help track your progress. You can read it when you begin to doubt yourself or your abilities. It also helps you to see if you’re meeting your goals and serves as a reminder to keep trying

Pay attention to how you feel. 
Can you notice any difference when you’re eating better? Do you feel different when you eat poorly? Have your food preferences changed? Have your energy levels increased?

Measure your success.
 Do you weigh less, do your cloths fit better, can you walk further without feeling out of breath, are you doing more exercise, do you feel happier?

Reward yourself

imagesWhen you reach your goal, reward yourself in a healthy way e.g. go to the cinema with a friend, take a long walk in the park or along the river, buy a new item of clothing. Or choose something that will help you maintain your healthy eating habits, such as a new cookbook or a cookery class.

Tie each reward to a specific, measurable goal, such as eating 5 servings of fruit and vegetables every day for a week.

Big success? Big reward. 
When you meet challenging goals, reward your hard work with something special. A spa day, cook a meal for friends

Manage setbacks

Setbacks are a natural part of the process. The secret to continued success is learning imageshow to manage these setbacks as you progress toward your goal. Use your setback as a chance to evaluate what went wrong, modify your goal so that you’re more likely to succeed, and reapply yourself to reaching your goal.

Keep your favourites on the menu. 
Leave room for your favourite foods in small doses. If you completely cut out what you love to eat, you may start to feel deprived and are likely to give up on your healthy eating goal.

Don’t give up!Even if you splurge on your favourite foods, don’t give up your goal altogether. You can resume your diet at the next meal.


Remember those small changes can lead to big rewards. Cutting back on just 100 calories (or burning an extra 100 calories) a day can result in a 10-pound weight loss in a year.


Let me know how you manage to keep on track

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