The Sarangchae – Veg out

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Veg Out!

veg out KoreanWelcome to my second review for the Nottingham Post of vegetarian food in Nottingham.  As a nutrition coach and a veggie I love how food can make us feel nourished and contented, so I‘m visiting local eating establishments to review their veggie options in terms of choice, taste and nutritional balance.  This time its Sarangchae, a Korean restaurant on Huntingdon Street in Nottingham.

I’ve booked a table for Saturday evening but when we arrive there are only two other occupied tables. It is low key with minimal decoration and no unnecessary clutter.





Thankfully the menu comes with pictures of the dishes, which is really helpful because many of the names are completely new to me like Bipimbap and sundubu chiggae.

I eventually choose vegetable pancake for starter and vegetarian bipimbap with tofu for my main; the word literally means “mixed rice”.


IMG_1475The vegetable pancake is the size of a pizza and really delicious, rather like an oriental tasting rosti.  The bibimbap is a one-pot dish with lots of tasty additions like carrots, spring onions and mushrooms and topped with a fried egg, it is probably one of the most well-known and beloved Korean dishes.  All washed down with a lovely Korean beer.


So how did Sarangchae do?

There was plenty of veggie choice for both starter and mains, which is great and not always the case when I eat out.  I loved trying the new dishes because they had interesting IMG_1473flavour combinations; one of my non veggie dinner guests had a vegetable nori type roll, which was also delicious and looked so pretty. The portion sizes are very generous so I’d recommend you order a couple of each and share – a very Korean thing to do.

From a healthy eating perspective the dishes I chose were full of fresh vegetables especially my main dish which was packed with flavour and had a fresh taste of herbs and gentle seasoning

IMG_1476I loved the originality of the meal; I am new to Korean food so I don’t know how authentic it was but I will go back to try more dishes.  I absolutely love tofu; it’s a great low fat, high protein food that can also lower cholesterol and I was really pleased to see it in so many dishes.

My meal with beer came to just under £20, which I thought represented good value, the staff were all really helpful and attentive.  The whole experience was excellent and definitely worth a visit whether you are a veggie or meat eater.

The Sarangchae is one of Nottingham’s best kept secrets and I would really like to see a website so I could share this fabulous place with others.  It deserves to be a success and I hope when I go again there will be more than two other occupied tables!


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