5 top tips for weight loss

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weight loss
I have previously published an article on the Nutritionist Resource website all about how to lose weight and keep it off.

Did you know that in England over 61% of adults are overweight or obese? If you’d like to get healthier and fitter why not try my simple tips to help with your weight-loss efforts.

Tip #1

Keep a food diary, many of us forget about the food we eat in the car, the latte we drink on the way to work or the children’s leftovers.  Why not download and print my example of a food diary so you can keep an accurate record and start to make some changes

Tip #2

tofu-eggAlways eat breakfast – even if it is just yoghurt (dairy or non dairy) with some blueberries or strawberries and a tablespoon of raw oats.  This provides you with protein and vitamins that will fuel you until lunchtime, as well as counting towards one of your 5 a-day

Or delicious scrambled eggs or tofu eggs for those who have more time for a relaxed breakfast.  Protein is a great for making you feel nice and full and both tofu and eggs are packed with protein and a range of 18 vitamins and minerals.


Tip #3

Mindful eating


Be mindful, research has shown that not paying attention to our food makes us more prone to snacking later. So put down that phone, tablet, laptop and enjoy what you are eating; How does it look, taste, smell?



Tip #4

IMG_2782Practice portion control.  Did you know crisps use to be sold in 25g bags, now it ranges from 30g to 150g (for the large sharing bags). In Briton we polish off six billion packets of crisps a year or almost 100 packets per person, so over our lifetime that’s lots of extra calories!

A recommended portion size of your favourite breakfast cereal is usually 30g.  Have you ever weighed out how much you eat.  Try this morning, you may be surprised just how much that is

Tip #5

IMG_3011If chocolate is your thing,  before you pop a piece in your mouth imagine what it smells like, think about the rich, deep chocolatey taste, how will it feel as it melts and coats your mouth.  Then pop that piece in.   Doing that simply exercise will make you eat less


Do you have a favourite weight loss tip that you could share?

Tofu scrambled ‘eggs’

Tofu scrambled ‘eggs’ – serves one

For more healthy eating advice please visit my website http://www.nutrition-coach.co.uk/

silken-tofu-on-toastTo continue the celebration of World Vegan Month what better way to start the day than with tofu scrambled ‘eggs’.

Tofu is a great low fat, low cholesterol and high protein ingredient. It is also low in calories; the range depending on the brand is between 60-100 calories per 100g.  The addition of turmeric not only makes this dish the usual ‘eggy’ yellow colour but the anti-inflammatory properties of this spice have been well documented.  It is also currently being studied for its potential affect on Alzheimer disease and diabetes.


150g silken or firm tofu; they have very different textures so choose the one that you like best

1tsp coconut oil

½ tsp turmeric

pinch of salt

¼ teaspoon mustard – I like wholegrain

Tofularge pinch of black pepper

1 tsp nutritional yeast

splash lemon juice


Drain the water from the tofu; melt oil in a non stick pan.

tofuIf you have firm tofu you will need to press the water out by using a heavy object such as a book

Slice the tofu thinly, add to the pan and cook on medium heat for 3 minutes until the tofu browns. Keep turning the tofu to stop it catching

Add the rest of the ingredients and cook for another few minutes until the tofu egg is brown and crispy





TofuServe with some grilled tomatoes, mushrooms or baked beans

Or add to stir-fried veggies and cooked brown rice for a vegan ‘egg’ fried rice

Pappardelle pesto pasta

For more healthy eating advice please visit my website http://www.nutrition-coach.co.uk/
At just 237 calories a portion this is a great dish to have on your 5:2 fast regime, or if you’d like to get more greens into your diet.  For those not on the 5:2 it is a really nutritious and 14281445-largequick dish to cook for the family.  The watercress is packed with Vitamins A, C & E, which can all help fight cell damage and improve skin health. The hazelnuts contain the good monounsaturated fats, Vitamin E and lots of antioxidants all good for heart health, cell regeneration and mental alertness .  Although the nuts are high in calories they will also make you feel fuller for longer

And if you are gluten free, follow the alternative recipe for the pasta and use courgette ribbons


Pappardelle pesto pasta – serves 3, 237 calories per serving

IMG_2765150g dried pappardelle or tagliatelle pasta (wholemeal if possible).  An alternative would be to use 150gs ribbons of  raw courgette (made using a speed peeler)

85g bag watercress

large handful of basil and mint leaves

1 garlic clove, roughly chopped

few flakes of dried chilli or ½ fresh chilli chopped (more if you like it spicy)

25g soft goats cheese* – crumbled.  To make this dish vegan friendly substitute tofu instead

25g toasted hazelnuts, brazil, pine nuts or walnuts

2 tbsp extra-virgin olive oil

1 tbsp lemon juice

 Always check the cheese packaging to make sure it is suitable for vegetarians i.e. it contains no animal rennet

Cook the pasta following pack instructions, or blanch the courgette ribbons in boiling water for 2 minutes. Meanwhile, put the watercress, herbs, chilli and garlic in a food processor and blend for a few seconds until finely chopped. Add the cheese (or tofu), half the nuts, the olive oil and lemon juice . Season well with ground black pepper and blend until it is a purée consistency.

Pappardelle pastaWhen the pasta (or courgette ribbons) is cooked, drain, keeping a cup of the cooking water. Return the pasta to the pan and pour in the pesto, using as much of the saved pasta water to loosen the sauce. Stir everything together and divide between 3 bowls. To serve, top with the remaining nuts and extra cheese if desired (although this hadn’t been included in the 237 calorie count).


If there’s only two of you or just you, the other portions can be cooled and then kept in the fridge for up to 3 days.  The dish is just as tasty eaten cold the next day for a quick lunch.  Add ½ a tin of beans such as butter beans for a more substantial evening meal