World Diabetes Day 2015

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World Diabetes Day 2015

IMG_3691How do you start your day – with a cup of coffee, a healthy breakfast, a bowl of cereal or nothing?

If you leave the house without breakfast you’re not alone, as more than a third of us skip it at some point during the week

But maybe the fact that tomorrow (the 14th November) is World Diabetes Day, and the focus is world-diabetes-dayto start each day with a healthy breakfast you might reconsider.

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I often write for Henpicked an online resource for 40+ women and they asked me to write about World Diabetes Day.  Obviously being a nutrition coach I took the food angle; in particular why having a healthy start to the day is so important

check out the article at breakfast article

There is growing evidence that having a healthy breakfast can help reduce your total calorie intake, aid concentration and help control blood sugar levels

But missing breakfast doesn’t just affect us adults; the latest stats claim that over half of 15 year old girls are missing this first meal of the day – maybe as a misguided way to stay slim.

Many children may be making a detour on their way to school and filling up on chocolate, crisps and fizzy drink. This might explain why they are “less attentive” when they don’t have a healthy breakfast


Dont forget to click on the link to my Henpicked article for some great breakfast ideas that will keep you going until lunchtime

Or why not share your favourite breakfast ideas: maybe you love a smoothie, tasty porridge or simply wholemeal toast with peanut butter

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