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What is Nutrition coaching?

What is Nutritional TherapyNutrition coaching enables you to maximise your health potential. It helps you make the most of your health and assists you in addressing any healthy eating concerns you may have. Nutrition coaching is often specific to the individual, it recognises that you have unique dietary and nutritional requirements.  

As a nutritional advisor I use a wide range of tools to assess and identify any potential nutritional imbalances you may have and understand how these may contribute to your feelings and health concerns. This approach allows me to work with you to achieve a better nutritional balance and help support you towards maintaining a healthier lifestyle.

Good nutritional advice can help you improve and maintain your health, putting you in control of your nutritional needs and overall well-being. I consider each individual to be unique and recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. My healthy eating advice is never given as a replacement for medical advice and I will always suggest you discuss any medical issues with a medical professional.

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Practical nutritional advice can work extremely well in partnership with both GP and other medical professionals.  

It can support a wide range of health issues such as weight loss, digestive issues (IBS, constipation), cardiovascular issues (high cholesterol, high blood pressure), female health issues (menopause, fertility) and sports nutrition.

Why coaching?

Coaching is a process used to facilitate individual change and personal development. The emphasis is on looking to future goals and being proactive to achieve success and recognise opportunities as they arise. This enables you to invent the future you want. I will help you focus on what is most important to you,  stimulate your thinking, explore ideas and help you unlock the inner resources you have to enable you to get to your healthy eating goals and stay there. By using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) tools and techniques  I will help you to to question negative thinking patterns.



I will act as a confidential and professional "sounding board‟, operating in a non-biased, non-judgmental, independent environment.

"What the mind can believe, you can achieve". Lorraine Moller

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